Tell Your Story


Sometimes the most important part of someone's story is when it has a chance to be heard. In a world where the loudest voices are often deemed "right," and judgments are cast quickly, the opportunity for a listening ear or a crying shoulder is rare. It is being replaced with a raised fist and a loud opinion.

Sometimes it's easier to form an opinion about someone than it is to find common ground.

This is where we hope to de-categorize people and allow their voices and hearts to be heard.

Our stories are dying to be heard.

Tell us yours.


Hear the Heart of: 

Brad Fourier

Brad's difficult childhood full of tragedy and loss ultimately led to gripping addiction. Hear the heart of a man who has battled through the lowest points of drug addiction but is now defined by family, hard work, recovery, and freedom.

What is it like to walk in the shoes of someone who has struggled with addiction for a large portion of his life? What does hope look like in the midst of a struggle that wants to destroy so many? Hear the ups and downs and everything in between. Courage, fear, loss, love, and more. The heart of Brad. Stay tuned.

Coming soon.