A response to the riots on August 12th, 2017

NEIGHBOR sees no true bounds other than vast oceans. Neighbor embodies peace as far as the East is from the West. Neighbor doesn’t keep score; it doesn’t know of competition, only “I’m happy for you; let’s celebrate.” Neighbor satisfies the heart cry of being seen. We all need good Neighbors.

Neighbor’s only known divider is sea. Neighbor hears both cry and triumph and understands not the language of "enemy." Neighbor knows no sound of guns or bombs but only children's joyful yelling. Neighbor hears the kick of a can at the end of the cul-de-sac or the scraping of a knee on the pavement. Neighbor is the other kid reaching out and leading their friend to the nearest cherry Popsicle. Neighbor only knows enemy to be the opposing team in a game of Capture the Flag.

Watch those neighborhood kids run and play and redefine Neighbor.

Neighbor only knew love until Neighbor got redefined somewhere along the way. Let’s re-learn together and build something big and beautiful.

Violence redefines neighbor. It shouts “me” before you before us… which was never the plan. Neighbor means coming near and reaching a hand. Neighbor says, “I’m glad you’re here.” Violence is the result of an illusion that only some should be here. Neighbor reaches to all of humanity, and we’re ruined if we forget that.

Neighbor sees color of skin. Oh, a gorgeous world of experiences and cultures to sit at the feet of. To hear and learn from. Neighbor sees color and grins at the idea of unique experiences and new languages and ways of love. Neighbor sees color as opportunity for friendship. Neighbor sees color because differences only unite a Neighborhood. Neighbor sees color because diversity blesses the Neighborhood.

Love your neighbor as yourself” is the foundation of Neighborhood. Neighbor is humanity-sized, excluding none. Neighbors love Neighbors, seeing who they are and where they've been behind their beautifully unique eyes. If Neighbor thrives, we all thrive.

Neighbor hears and answers the longings and cries for closeness.

Neighborhood feels like home more than looking over our shoulders does. It feels like unity and not like competition. It sounds like potlucks and cookouts and full minivans headed to a soccer game or group event. Neighborhood looks like needs met and burden-carrying among friends and family.

Neighbor is contagious love that springs into a Neighborhood.

We can all move in.

There’s plenty of room.