There are two parts to this project that we are excited to share with you.

Give Ear is a combination of writing, video, photography, art, community, and seeking stories worth telling in our city and world.

The definition of Give Ear is to hear, to listen with intention. We hope Give Ear will be a space for people to listen to and connect with stories of people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. We are seeking out people in the community making a difference and sharing their platforms.

We would love your input!


This is the heartbeat of this dream.

Mosaic means a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.

People. Stories. Community changers. Dreamers. Helpers. Difference makers.

So often what we consume online is loud, divisive, and discouraging.

We hope Give Ear will subtly critique how we engage with social media and offer a better way.

Instead of living in our echo chambers and using this space to share opinions or exclusively provide life updates, we will be sharing stories of people having an impact on our city. We hope it finds you well!


Our journal will contain stories and ideas that rally around the mission of Give Ear: to listen, to hear with intent. We will share raw stories with this in mind, in hopes of capturing the need for listen and see through the labels, beyond the categories... and to the heart. We are hoping to feature many different writers in our blog as well. If you are interested in writing a piece for Give Ear or know someone who is, please reach out to us!


If you are interested in writing a piece for Give Ear or know someone who is, please reach out to us! If you know someone doing great work in the community that needs celebrated, please share that with us. We can't wait to hear from you!

The Storytellers

Through friendship, dialogue, and observations of the world around us, we have begun a journey of seeking to truly hear the hearts of others. Combining our passions of writing, video, photography, and design, we hope to tell the stories of people in our community. We hope to listen to, celebrate, and share the stories of others, and we hope this will change the community and the world.

What others are saying:

"These guys are three of the most attentive, compassionate, and curious people I know. My brother Chris has consistently been those things throughout his life, and even as a small kid he always suited up as a communicator and a peacemaker. Ever since meeting Zach and Andrew for the first time five/ish years ago, I have been struck by seeing those same qualities that I always adored in my brother growing up. In a politically polarized and often bleak-seeming world, I am given renewed hope that these three guys are endeavoring to pool their creative talents and establish a community-oriented platform focused on connection. Humans from all walks of life have valid experiences and worthy stories to tell. Give Ear will seek to illustrate the humanity in all of us."

Drew Williams, local musician: Fellow Hollow ---> http://deadwoodfloats.com/https://fellowhollow.bandcamp.com/

“In a world where most people are talking past each other, these guys are cultivating the sort of space that all of us long for…a safe place to be seen and heard as we really are.  I’m not sure there is any better starting point to bring more love into the world. I’m a big fan of Give Ear…especially because I trust the hearts of the guys behind it! They genuinely care about hearing people’s real perspectives on life and are passionate about changing the world for good.  I learn so much from hearing other people's stories and I’m guessing as you follow along with Give Ear, you will too.”

Jeff Blackburn, director: Fearless Questions, Inc. ---> http://fearlessquestions.org/

"This is a GORGEOUS website and a terrific idea! I can’t wait until these guys start sharing more of this—it’s something I so agree with and believe in. Three people with complementary talents... I love everything this stands for!”

- John Montesi, Freelance writer, world-traveler, father to everyone's favorite dog, Hank ---> https://johntesi.com/


Chris is a 2nd grade Special Ed. Teacher living in Columbus, Ohio. He scares his loved ones with his amount of coffee intake, loves his wife like crazy, and wishes his cat's vet visits were cheaper. He has a tight-knit family with as consistent of a GroupMe chat as they come. Many would say he's a walking "dad joke." He is passionate about writing and putt putt golf. Chris would love to see the social media platform become a quieter, more engaged space of listening and sharing ideas rather than wanting to be first or "right." This is what led him to create Give Ear.



Zach is a media designer living in Columbus, Ohio. He has the most epic night-terrors known to man and has the best childhood stories you've ever heard. It is safe to say he spent more time playing computer games in his bathtub as a kid than anybody reading this. He has a deep and loyal love for his big family. He is passionate about storytelling and capturing raw moments through video and photographs. He shoots weddings year-round and creates media for a local jewelry store. Zach would love to see people experience freedom in their expression and truly be heard. This is what led him to create Give Ear.


Andrew is a jack of all trades. He could very well be living in Australia right now and nobody would be surprised. At the same time, he is an incredible, loyal friend. He might have the best smile in the world. Every mother and grandmother loves him as if he's their own. He currently works about six jobs while going to school. He is passionate about landscape design, running at odd hours, and journaling. Andrew (or Andre, or Burt) would love to see people get in touch with their hearts and to ask tough questions about what they are really feeling/how they are doing. This is what led him to create Give Ear.